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I created this mini blog, to show people, the site that I really like, where you will find the best wallpapers to put on your Desktop, Mobile... I found this blog very good, the link is up for can enter the blog that I really like, this blog is called: Wallpapers Bru

There is one more blog that I found good, plus the first site I said above is the best! This other blog that I pointed out to you is from Wallpapers in size 1600x900, are images that are not so good to put your big monitor in the size of 20 inches ... the first blog I recommend is the Bru Wallpaper is really a blog from images of good quality, more if you want you can check what I told you of images of 1600x900, Click on the button below Wallpaper 29 HD to be able to access the Image Blog in Size 1600x900!